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Blackout Roller Shades in Miami

Designed to black out or dim out unwelcome lights and fill your home with style, beauty and functionality

Perfect-for-BedroomsBlackout roller shades, also referred to as room darkening shades or blackout blinds, make your home more attractive, inviting and warm. Their major benefits are the light blocking qualities: UV protection, energy efficiency, privacy, and light control. Blackout shades have become one of the most popular features in interior design for bedrooms, home theaters, offices or any other commercial applications where sunlight needs to be blocked out. Our blackout roller shades are available in an array of fabric styles, opacity levels, colors and choices.

Block-Out-Unwelcome-LightThey are especially designed to prevent or block out virtually all outside lights from entering a room. These shades are made of multi-layered fabrics and tightly woven. Blackout roller shades can filter out up to 99% of the outside lights from passing through windows. They can also block harmful and damaging UV rays while reducing the heat transmittance to keep your rooms cooler, protect your furniture, carpeting and other valuable items.

Energy-Efficient-FunctionsAnother unique feature of blackout roller shades is their extreme energy efficiency. These are constructed of thicker materials than typical shades. Reducing heat transmission around your windows, Blackout roller shades will boost the comfort level of your home through maintaining a regular temperature inside all the year round. This means a lower electricity bill.

Ensures-Complete-PrivacyUnlike other window shades, you can’t see through or peak around blackout roller shades. Most window shades are made of thin materials and when the sun hits these shades right, they become somewhat transparent, which might be the objective. However, blackout roller shades opacity is meant to offer complete privacy through shading the windows.

Ease-to-CleanAny piece of furniture attracts dust particles, as do window blinds. For most you’ll have to get a nylon or feather duster to clean it. This often causes the dust to get into the air. Fortunately, Blackout roller shades are made from canvas materials which are easily cleaned with a soft towel and mild detergent. They can be also cleaned quickly with a vacuum cleaner and lint brush.

Reducing-NoisesThe noise absorption capacity of blackout window treatment materials has made them superior among all common window shades. They will not make a room 100% sound proof, but can reduce the noise about 40%. The heavy materials tend to act like natural dampener, cutting down the outside noise levels penetrating your place.

We proudly feature Mermet fabrics because they are the cornerstone in today’s worldwide solar protection market and the best shades for your home or office


Blackout roller shades are composed of one single unit sitting comfortably on two mounting brackets. We fit your custom blackout shades to fit at the exact size of the window and depending on the conditions of your layout. Side channels and fascia are recommended to achieve maximum darkness. The fabric canvases are quite easy to clean, have small weight and the roller shades occupy little space in the upper section of the window frame. Compactness, wide choice of fabric colors and textures, fashionable and stylish appearance make your rooms unique in a remarkable way.

Roller Shades surpass all other window blinds by their simplicity of use. You don’t need to pull a series of string at several angles to lower them or adjust the height. It simply relies on a continuous loop you pull down from one end to raise the shades, or pull it down from the other end to lower the shades. Motorized systems are also available.

Depending on the size of your windows they can cover them wall to wall or be divided among the window panels for extended durability and comfort. Let us help you personalize your blackout window treatment with colors and control options that suit best to your home and style.

Once you have made your selection your blackout roller shades can be ready as fast as 48 hours. Our team of professional technicians installs them for you at your earliest convenience. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our rollers shades are covered by a lifetime limited warranty provided by the manufacturers. It covers defects in workmanship, materials, or failure to operate not due to wear and tear. For more details please refer to our warranty guidelines. Additionally, we offer double the standard labor warranty to our clients. When you do business with us, you receive two years of complimentary warranties against defects of installation.

Learn more about your window treatment options. Talk to one of our expert consultants at the convenience of your own place. We’ll measure the windows for you and bring samples for you to see and feel. Our goal is to find the right shades to match your style and budget. We are here to help you! Don’t be shy to reach out to ask a question!