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Drapes & Curtains in Miami

Add style and elegance to your room with vibrant or neutral colors and a wide array of fabrics to choose from.

Soft window treatments such as curtains, drapes or sheers are known for their aesthetically pleasant and decorative attributes, adding personality to any room while enhancing the privacy and insulation of a classic window treatment covering.

Drapes convey elegance and style. They can be an outstanding mood changer in a room or a silent feature softening the edges of the window frames. They can be interchangeable to match the furniture of the room or to rise to the seasons, and some can be easily removed for cleaning. Ask our consultant for details.

Sheers-in-MiamiSheers are the trendy alternative to traditional curtains & drapes. They offer the elegance of soft draperies combined with the functionality of a blind, similarly to Silhouette shades.

Sheer horizontals cover the window permitting a flood of light while retaining privacy. The translucent sheer fabric vanes and the double sheer fabrics blend together to create a unique visual experience that is softer than regular horizontal blinds and just as effective. Sheer horizontal blinds can be operated with the vanes fully open, fully closed, or partially open.

Sheer verticals are equality elegant and attractive. The soft translucent fabrics are combined in a unique window covering system that works like a vertical blind but with a luxurious and elegant visual effect adding beauty to the room as well as filtering the light and providing privacy.

Drapes are also made out of sheer material offering the same elegance and a delicate material and look that softens any room. Ask our consultant to see samples.

Artisan-Curtains-&-Drapes-in-MiamiBring back the soft and sophisticated elements of curtains and drapes to your windows. The elegant fabrics we use feature weaves, patterns, colors, and textures that will enhance and complement with any home decor – from classic to fashionable, formal or casual.

Warm and welcoming, these distinctive collections include handcrafted draperies; varieties of fabric shades with myriad of control options; drapery in multiple lengths and differing heading styles; fabric by the yard and top treatments like valances, swags, pillows, cornices, and cascades.

Express your personal style by combining them with other window treatment options for a truly stunning effect. The extra layer of fabrics can add texture, color, volume, and dimension to the room, with varying textile weights from light sheers to full and heavy weaves.

Pinch-Pleated-Drapes-in-MiamiPinch pleated curtains and draperies add an air of romance and luxury to any room thru their refined quality and timeless elegance. They have been the most demanding style for decades not only for their versatility and dramatic effects but also for their excellent natural insulation value resulting from the additional airspaces in-between the pleats.

Available in hundreds of different fabrics, colors, patterns and three major styles – sheer, lined, and unlined, Pinch pleated curtains are surely able complement your home and satisfy your unique taste.

Ripped-Fold-Drapes-MiamiRipple fold or “S” fold curtains are the name for rolled-pleat drapery constructions resulted from the pleating in fabric obtained by spacing the carriers. They get their name due to the soft “S” shape they create by specially designed tracks. Sleek and suitable, the ripple fold draperies have advantage over other traditional blinds as they have the modern appearance of gently and continuously folded draperies from the beginning to the end.

Easy operations and dramatic folds have made ripple fold drapes a great choice for designers and architectures. Folds being identically beautiful from both inside and outside, present a great architectural advantage. The suspended headlines under the track cannot sag and are always perfectly spaced and positioned. Perfect for large areas, these draperies can be used to unify large expanses or multiple windows by covering the entire wall.

We offer ripple fold tracks in versatile color options with anodized silver and white being the most popular. Whatever your choice is – decorative sheer fabrics or blackout lined fabrics, the ripple fold tracks can accommodate any style.

The soft window treatment options we provide are designed to add style and elegance to your rooms with vibrant or neutral colors and we have a wide array of fabrics to choose from.


The hassle free snapping of panels reduces maintenance time and cost. Off the track, these draperies are perfectly flat; so cleaning, pressing, and laundering are simpler and less expensive as well. Ripple folds fall into soft, natural, lovely folds when the panels are snapped into carriers.

Pinch pleated drapes & curtains are hung using hooks, pins or ring clips. They move smoothly typically using a traverse pull rod that is great for an extra wide window enclosure. In a more modern fashion, they can be hung on decorative and stationary rods using ring clips hooked up to the top of the drape.

Contemporary draperies work well to reduce energy costs, add warmth to the environment, block out excessive lights, and frame a window.

Our expert consultants can help you determine what works best for you and customized our hundreds of styles to match your existing coverings, furniture and windows.

Once you have made your selection and your custom drapes or curtains are manufactured, our team of professional technicians installs them for you at your earliest convenience. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Our drapes and curtains are covered by a lifetime limited warranty provided by the manufacturers. It covers defects in workmanship, materials, or failure to operate not due to wear and tear. For more details please refer to our warranty guidelines. Additionally, we offer double the standard labor warranty to our clients. When you do business with us, you receive two years of complimentary warranties against defects.

Learn more about your window treatment options. Talk to one of our expert consultants at the convenience of your own place. We’ll measure the windows for you and bring samples for you to see and feel. Our goal is to find the right shades to match your style and budget. We are here to help you! Don’t be shy to reach out to ask a question!