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Condo-Horizontal-BlindsThe ever expanding condo market in Miami means that more homeowners are sometimes facing problems covering large floor to ceiling windows. Offering stunning views and wonderful light, these wide spread windows still put a few challenges to your daily life. Too much harsh sunlight, poorly insulated windows, burning and fading of expensive hardwood furniture, rugs, and floorings, bad glare on media centers, and lack of privacy are just a couple of reasons why people are rushing towards condo window treatments.

Condo horizontal blinds offer the perfect sun solutions for today’s residential homes and commercial offices. Additionally, we offer a vast line of micro-boxes, motor options, as well as interior fabrics with full wall fabric seamless fits. Condos can be integrated with automation systems, timers, sun sensors, and computer controls, just like our roller shades.

Hunter-Douglas-Everwood-Horizontal-Blinds-in-Dining-RoomThe natural look of hardwood and exotic finishes used to create these horizontal blinds bring warmth and beauty by creating a relaxed environment in your office space or home. Slat sizes of real wood with reduced lifting weight are durable and highly recommended. Matching vertical blinds are also available.

Miami residents prefer white tones, which range from bright white to eggshell. Another popular option is the ivory or almond hues that bring a sophisticated and rich feel to any room. We offer numbers of traditional stain colors including mahogany, ash, cherry, and so on.

Faux-Wood-BlindsFaux wood blinds are especially designed to function and feel just like their traditional natural alternatives with the ability to resist warping and humidity. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Faux wood blinds are presented as unique alternative to the traditional wood blinds as they have that same warmth look and feel the as real wood. You can easily blend them in with most decors and get a wide variety of styles and colors.

Faux wood blinds are considered as environmentally friendly because purchasing faux wood blinds means that you are contributing to the reduction in number of trees being cut down.

Though there are a number benefits faux wood blinds have to offer, they are less expensive than real wood blinds and still take the same look as their real woods counterparts. It is an attractive choice for a tight budget.

Horizontal aluminum blinds help to create environments that are healthy, comfortable, sustainable and productive. These blinds are constructed to minimize the environmental impacts while meeting the highest standards for institutional, industrial, and commercial applications.

Aluminum blinds offer you precise a control of light direction and intensity with just a few quick twists of wands; within a few seconds they let you control ventilation and privacy, light and shade. The slats are color coordinated to the bottomrail, headrail, and plastic components for a perfect, consistent and appealing look. Carefree maintenance, spring-tempered aluminum slats, and a range of slat widths, colors, and finishes to choose from can transform your room into a style that’s completely your own.

Aluminum blinds are very good reflectors of heat, especially in light or metallic colors. A dominant feature of these blinds is to reduce glare, provide visual comfort and diffuse incoming lights to comfortable intensity levels.

Available in an extensive collection of designer colors, high shine and matte, and in contemporary or classic designs, mini blinds come in one- and two-inches slat sizes to fit any size window comfortably.

Custom manufactured aluminum mini blinds are made from premium aluminum alloy and feature slats that are spring tempered to better retain their shape.

Slats tilt open and close quickly and smoothly for immediate privacy and light control. Easy-rise, heavy duty controls lift and lower blinds with little effort. Effective where performance and durability matters, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

A practical alternative to drapes, fabric horizontal blinds offer soft, luxurious, and light filtering fabrics. Fabric horizontal blinds are highly decorative and come in a large assortment of wonderful designs, colors and patterns that are perfect for rooms where you need filtered light and privacy. We have selected the patterns very carefully that simultaneously block out harsh UV rays, provide daytime privacy, and allow sunlight gently filtering through them, creating warm ambience for your home. So your valuable decorations, floorings, furniture, and carpeting are protected from the sun.

Made from durable fabrics and sustainable materials, fabric horizontal blinds are especially designed to repel dust. You can easily spot clean using soap and water to bring back their original luster.

Due to inherent wrap resistant abilities, fabric blinds are best suited options for high humidity areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. They are also safest for kids and kittens due to their stain resistivity, light weight and easy movement.

As most of our blinds, vinyl horizontal blind comes in wonderful, stunning colors and tones. We have a myriad of colors, patterns, neutrals, and texture choices. Wood tones and embossed textures are just a couple blind options you can choose from.
Stain resistivity as well as high resistance to moisture and heat have made them an ideal choice for humid bathrooms, hot kitchen, and sun facing garages. These simple horizontal blinds are the essence of functional design unlike other traditional blinds.

Best used to control the light and protect your furniture and decorations while giving a sensation of comfort and coolness and gradual control of the exterior light, horizontal blinds are light and easy to clean and also versatile and practical, making them the first choice for many clients.

Made out of quality materials such as premium hardwoods, durable polymers or versatile aluminum, horizontal blinds are ideal for all kind of windows. Wood finishes and paint colors options are quite popular and faux wood blinds offer the lowest cost at the same time that provide durability. We carry horizontal blinds in wood, aluminum, faux-wood, basswood and at one-inch, two-inches, and two-and-a-half inches slats.

With a single fingertip these blinds can be moved up and down. Cordless blinds are safer options to have around your home for kids and pets. A step beyond cordless, would be to opt for motorized blinds to open or close your blinds via remote control. Let our consultant know if you are interested in motorized blinds.

Talk to one of our consultants to learn more about the hundreds of options available to you. Schedule a visit to see samples and customized your window treatment coverings.


Horizontal and vertical blinds are installed by our train technicians in just a couple of hours, depending on the size of the project. Each system requires a different set of brackets and is customized to your windows. Vertical Blinds have easy-to-control slats that allow for privacy and light control, and thus must be installed with care. We make sure the cord is positioned correctly to avoid safety hazards. The side opening is determining in the time of the consultation and depending to the specifications of your window or door. Our expert consultants can help you determine what works best for you.

Once you have made your selection of horizontal blinds, our team of professional technicians installs them for you at your earliest convenience. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our horizontal blinds are covered by a lifetime limited warranty provided by the manufacturers. It covers defects in workmanship, materials, or failure to operate not due to wear and tear. For more details please refer to our warranty guidelines. Additionally, we offer double the standard labor warranty to our clients. When you do business with us, you receive two years of complimentary warranties against defects.

Learn more about your window treatment options. Talk to one of our expert consultants at the convenience of your own place. We’ll measure the windows for you and bring samples for you to see and feel. Our goal is to find the right shades to match your style and budget. We are here to help you! Don’t be shy to reach out to ask a question!