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Motorized Roller Shades in Miami

Motorized roller shades and automatic systems allow you to control your shades with just the push of a button

We use the finest quality motors, durable, powerful and trouble-free. Somfy Motors come with a limited-warranty of 5 years. We can motorize any type of window covering, offering the option to operate it with a remote control device and/or from a switch in the wall. The systems are also available in either wall-outlet-powered or battery-powered versions.

Motorization systems increase the life of your shades by preventing jerks and entanglements. Also, by eliminating the cord typically used in manual systems, your pets and children are safer to run around the house.

Motorizing your window treatment solutions gives you the ultimate level of comfort anybody in the Miami Beach Area could want. Condos and houses are oftentimes covered in floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows overlooking the coastline. Automatic shades give you that extra advantage of controlling all your shades at once; making it a breeze to switch back and forth from enjoying your privacy with your coverings down, to admiring your view by setting them right back up.

Rooms with large, difficult-to-reach, or numerous windows benefit from the option to have effortless control from the push of a button. It eliminates the wasted time pulling numerous cords behind the couch. Large windows, windows in foyers, and windows in bedrooms that would require multiple types of shades are the best candidates for a motorization upgrade.

There are many options to choose from to find the level of transparency that best suits your privacy and needs.

Push the button and adjust the shades to whatever height you wish, effortlessly and fast. Choose to control all the shades at once or one by one. The remote is easy to program. Five coverings can be controlled with one single remote using either a line-of-sight infra-red remote or a radio frequency remote that doesn’t require direct pointing. Quiet and efficient, they are also the safest option for children and the ultimate luxurious addition to a beautiful home. Motorized shades help limit or remove choking hazards from windows by eliminating the need for traditional dangling lift cords.

To motorize your window coverings means to never have to worry about them again. Motorized shades offer excellent flexibility so that the shades operate according to your needs. To ensure highest comfort, they allow individual and group control or a combination of both instantly.

When a touch of a button can raise all the shades at the same time to enjoy the morning sun or close them down for a romantic and cozy night.

To create a sustainable home, it is important to make sure that you have got the most energy efficient window coverings for your place. One way to reap this advantage is by installing motorized shades. Adding motorization into your mix, you can easily control some of the heat gains in your home with the touch of a button. Far from your expectation, the motors utilized to move these shades have a minimum power consumption which has made them ideal for everyday use.

An additional feature of motorized shades using Somfy technology, allows you to program the window coverings to close or open at preferred times of the day and help keep your home at a constant manageable temperature.

We have partnered up with Somfy Motors, the world leading manufacturer of motors and electronic controls for window coverings, to bring you the quietest, most reliable motorization systems in the market. Somfy motorization systems are easily integrated with security, HVAC, and lighting systems, providing total home automation.


Most roller screen shades and blackout, as well as some designer shades such as romans or silhouettes can be adapted to work with motorization systems. All cords are eliminated and the control remotes or wireless wall switch is installed in the location of your choosing. Blackout shades might require a side-channel to obtain maximum darkness. Our expert consultants can help you determine your needs.

Our team of professional technicians installs them for you at your earliest convenience. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our motorized systems are covered by a 5-year limited warranty provided by Somfy. Our rollers shades are covered by a lifetime limited warranty provided by the manufacturers. It covers defects in workmanship, materials, or failure to operate not due to wear and tear. For more details please refer to our warranty guidelines. Additionally, we offer double the standard labor warranty to our clients. When you do business with us, you receive two years of complimentary warranties against defects of installation. We are confident of our work and we care for your satisfaction.

Learn more about your window treatment options. Talk to one of our expert consultants at the convenience of your own place. We’ll measure the windows for you and bring samples for you to see and feel. Our goal is to find the right shades to match your style and budget. We are here to help you! Don’t be shy to reach out to ask a question!

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