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Screen Roller Shades in Miami

Designed to provide you with sun protection and privacy without compromising your gorgeous view

They-Give-Your-Space-a-Clean-LookRoller shades are one of the most modern and efficient window treatment solutions you can get for your condo, home or office today. As the shades roll up they “hide” in the tracking system, giving you full access to the window and the view. When you roll them down, the shades cover the whole window in one flat and uniform look, offering you the protection you seek.

They-Protect-Your-HomeThe fabrics  are made out of materials that provide superior performance with innovative translucent light and zone filtering options that block the sun but not the view. This energy efficient style, combined with UV protection, also provides excellent sound absorption. Roller shades also lowers the temperature of the room, thus saving on costly power bills and increasing your comfort.

They-Come-in-Various-Levels-of-TransparencyThere are many options to chose from to find the level of transparency that best suits your privacy and needs.

They-Match-Your-StyleA wide variety of materials in rich colors and textures are available to match the design of your home or office, including room darkening shades or blackouts that blocks 95% of the light—perfect to cover floor-to-ceiling windows.

They-Work-Great-in-CondosMost condominiums in Miami Beach are constructed with large windows or windows facing the ocean or other beautiful views. It’s not a coincidence our customers prefer screen roller shades.

We proudly feature Mermet fabrics because they are the cornerstone in today’s worldwide solar protection market and the best shades for your home or office


Contemporary, practical, elegant, and beautiful, roller shades are installed in slim profile aluminum track systems that are unobtrusive and blend with the wall and windows. They can be manual systems with an infinite loop cord to the side, or they can be installed with a motorized system to give you the ultimate control of your home.

Depending on the size of your windows they can cover them wall to wall or be divided among the window panels for extended durability and comfort. Let our consultants help you determine what works best.

Once you have made your selection and an agreement has been reached, we require 50% deposit to process your order. On average an order of custom roller shades is ready between 3 to 7 days–we work hard to get them to you as fast as possible. Once they have been manufactured, our team of professional technicians installs them for you at your earliest convenience, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our rollers shades are covered by a lifetime limited warranty provided by the manufacturers. It covers defects in workmanship, materials, or failure to operate not due to wear and tear. For more details please refer to our warranty guidelines. Additionally, we offer double the standard labor warranty to our clients. When you do business with us, you receive two years of complimentary warranties against defects of installation. We are confident of our work and we care for your satisfaction.

Learn more about your window treatment options. Talk to one of our expert consultants at the convenience of your own place. We’ll measure the windows for you and bring samples for you to see and feel. Our goal is to find the right shades to match your style and budget. We are here to help you! Don’t be shy to reach out to ask a question!