The Differences Between Blackout Shades And Screen Shades For Your Luxury Residence

Living on the South Florida coastline, particularly in beach cities like Hallandale, Sunny Isles Beach, Bal Harbor, and Miami Beach, full of tourists as they have luxurious highrise buildings, means plenty of sunlight and a gorgeous view to enjoy. However, there are times when privacy is crucial.

If you’re looking for window shades for homes and condos in South Florida, there are various materials and styles available that cater to your specific needs.

Light-filtering shades let in natural light while providing enough blockage for privacy and comfort.

Solid or tightly woven shades offer further light blockage to enhance privacy while adding texture and unique designs.

Blackout shades offer the uttermost privacy, but you don’t get any light in.

It’s easy to get confused. That’s why at Blinds Shades and Shutters, we recommend that our clients choose shade materials depending on the location of their windows.

Some areas may only require a shade that filters excessive bright light, such as your living room or kitchen.

In contrast, other areas of your condo require complete blackout shades, such as the bedroom or family room. Some other areas need a combination of both.

We can help determine the best fit for your requirements.

If you’re unsure about what kind of privacy your South Florida condo needs, consider the following:

Benefits and Features of Blackout Roller Shades for Your Condo:


Living in a beach city like Miami can be beautiful, but it also comes with some drawbacks. The constant sunlight can be overwhelming, and sometimes you need to block out the light and enjoy some privacy. This is where blackout shades come in as the best window treatment solution.

Blackout shades are designed to block unwanted light to a maximum, making them perfect for bedrooms and other areas where light control is a must. They block out light and protect you from harmful UV rays, reduce outside noise, and lower electricity bills by decreasing heat transmission.

Blackout privacy roller shades darken a room and ensure complete privacy.

They are easy to clean and provide a significant amount of noise reduction.

If you live in a beach city, blackout shades are a necessary addition to your bedrooms for comfortable sleep.


Benefits and Features of Screen Roller Shades for Your Condo:


Living in a sunny and vibrant beach city like Miami or Fort Lauderdale requires a window treatment solution that provides privacy, right? We’ve already established that. But you didn’t move to the beach to stare at the walls. You want to have some of that gorgeous sunlight and eternal summer vibes. You want to allow natural light to flow in, but you want to be in control. Our Miami screen roller shades are the perfect option as they are light and easy to control, match your condo design, and provide adequate privacy in various degrees of transparency, depending on your needs.

Of course, roller shades should be available in a wide range of sizes, colors, fabrics, textures, designs, and patterns, making it easy to choose one that complements your home’s decor. Every condo has different-sized windows, and you might need custom window treatment solutions. Your best bet is to hire a professional installer for a perfect fit with no light leakage.

At Blinds, Shades, and Shutters, we not only help you select the perfect materials and options, but we measure your windows for you and install them once they are custom-made and specifically designed for your condo’s windows.

Our soft yet durable fabrics block UV rays, light, and noise and offer the kind of privacy every room of your home needs. When it comes to your window treatment solutions, whether screen shades or blackout roller shades, you are also looking for peace of mind. We offer that, too.

Lastly, besides reducing the amount of light that enters the room, screen roller shades and our designer shades are perfect for setting the mood in living rooms, dens, and kitchens. Are you into modern, all-white contemporary Miami or a traditional art deco style? We also make and install complementary curtains and draperies in a wide variety of styles.



Invest in premium roller shades for your Miami home and experience the beauty of a functional and stylish window treatment solution that will enhance your home and life.

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Select the multi-channel remote if there will be more than one motorized shade in the room. These remotes are easily programmable.
Somfy S30 Battery
Somfy 506 Power
Somfy R28 Battery + Charger
Somfy Sonesse 30 Wire Free + Charger


If you are unsure about the motorization you need, select the “Unsure” option. We will contact you and adjust your bill accordingly before completing the order.
The control chain is removed from motorized shades. Make sure to select a remote, too.

Roll Direction

Most windows use the standard roll direction because it allows less light to seep in around the sides of the window. The reverse roll direction (waterfall) creates a gap between the shade and the window. If you’re adding window treatments to doors with handles or windows with cranks that might get caught, select the reverse option.

Side channel

Side channels are added to your window to completely close off all light. Include them if this roller shade is for a bedroom.


For an optimal fit, measurement must be exact. We are not responsible for faulty measurements.
Make sure to describe your window and add any helpful comments to your order to ensure you get the right custom window treatment.

Fractions are allowed in decimal points. For example, 50 1/2 would be 50.50.
For your reference: 1/4″ is 0.25; 1/2″ is 0.50; 3/4″ is 0.75; 7/8″ is 0.875

To accommodate the brackets on a roller shade, the fabric is one inch narrower than the size requested.
Shades over 110 inches in height may come with an industry-standard discreet seam.

Metal Beaded Chain

Nylon Beaded Chain

Outside Mount

Inside Mount

Mount Type

Inside mounts require a factory determined deduction to be taken.

Without Valance

With Valance


Available in four openness factors:

  • Lowest Openness Factor 1% – Blocks 99% of rays and sunlight
  • Low Openness Factor 3% – Blocks 97% of rays and sunlight (Most popular)
  • Medium Openness Factor 5% – Blocks 95% of rays and sunlight
  • High Openness Factor 10% – Blocks 90% of rays and sunlight

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