Plantation Shutters in Miami

Fine Window Furniture

Sophisticated Style

Long-Term Value

Superb Durability

Gorgeous Designs

Real Wood

Composite Wood

Plantation Shutters For Your Home & Condo

Shutters are as elegant as a window covering could be. They are the ultimate window solution investment in a home or office, providing elegance and long-term value and an unmatched distinction for a beautiful and well-illuminated space. Like fine furniture each shutter is crafted to the detail. Shutters are meant to last.

Control Light and Privacy

Improved Safety Benefits

Cost Effective Solution

Energy Efficient

Easy to Care For

Reducing Disturbing Noises

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How Do Plantation Shutters Work?

Plantation shutters come with either the traditional tilt-bars, or the hidden rear-tilt louver systems, which will allow moving your shutters tightly in both up and down positions. Adjustable louver blades make it possible to control light entering into your home easily. Angle the blades up or down to allow the sunlight enter, but focus it away for indirect light that is pleasant and controlled.

“Cecilia is a wonderful person and runs her business with a personal feel. She takes the time and effort to run a business properly. That is something many businesses today lack. Thank you so much for all of your help making my apartment look gorgeous I love my new blinds !”
Drew W.
"It took me forever and a day to decide to get plantation shutters in my room... I am so glad I chose this company! They are attentive, pay attention to detail and extremely professional. I highly recommend them!!!"
Idania D.
“Enjoyed working with Ceci and her team from the design to the implementation portion of our design. The level of excellence of both materials and services, and the good price point, confirm once again the quality of HBIF clients we serve.”
Myrna S.

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